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Turun Vapaavarasto Oy


Tuontikatu 7
20200 Turku Finland
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Opening hours

Mon – Fri 7:30 – 16:15
Sat – Sun Closed

Phone no.

Invoicing details

Business ID: 0141951-6

We primarily receive invoices in electronic format.

E-invoicing: E-invoicing address / EDI code: 003701419516
Operator: Maventa
Operator ID: 003721291126
Operator ID when sending through banking network: DABAFIHH*
*Use this operator ID if your e-invoicing application does not support sending directly to Maventa’s operator ID.

Invoices sent via email or paper mail:
If you are unable to send e-invoices, we ask you to send them in PDF format via email to the address If that is not an option, you can send paper invoices to the address Turun Vapaavarasto Oy, Tuontikatu 7, 20200 Turku, FINLAND.

In case of questions, contact Kati Valkonen: / 040 455 9000

Points of contact

Turun Vapaavarasto Oy Toimitusjohtaja Stefan Lindström

Stefan Lindström

Managing Director / Sales
Turun Vapaavarasto Oy Markkinointi- ja viestintäpäällikkö Päivi Suonpää

Päivi Suonpää

Marketing and Communications Manager