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Customs-cleared or customs-free goods, heated or cooled storage – we offer you versatile storage services in a central location.

3PL and storage outsourcing

In logistics terms, 3PL covers outsourced order management, collection, packaging, storage and delivery. The customer company can solely focus on their core business, i.e. developing their operations, sales and marketing. Outsourced logistics works in the background, and is a part of company operations to the extent that is required at that precise moment.

By outsourcing your logistics you can focus on growing your core business. Deliveries are sent out from our warehouse on a daily basis, ensuring fast deliveries. In the best case the order is delivered the next day.

The main benefit is without a doubt cost-effectiveness. The company does not need to invest into storage space, personnel or various machinery and systems. You can order the service in the precise form and size you see best fit your and your business’ requirements.

All orders, deliveries and operations can be tailored for any customer, all while a professional logistics operator works in the background providing timely delivery services.

The service suits companies of any size. For us, it’s equally important to serve small, new companies, as large corporations.

The ease of use of 3PL is the key reason why companies choose to integrate it into their processes. No matter if you are a small start-up with a product and a business idea in need of a logistics chain, or a large and growing company lacking the space and resources to operate with growing volume.

The 3PL concept suits practically all segments who deliver products to customers, e.g.: e-commerce sites, industry, construction companies, wholesalers, etc.

We have storage space, personnel, machinery, systems, and above all know-how. Don’t hesitate to contact us even before you start planning the extent of your operations. Let’s together figure out the high-value services and solutions for your specific business needs.

Let’s together tailor a service package which is just right for you. You can choose only the service components relevant to you. You can outsource only a part of your storage, or the entire logistics operations.

Video presentation of 3PL

Intermediate storage

We are here for you in both short and long term intermediate storage needs. Our intermediate storage service meets the demands of companies of any size and types.

In intermediate storage, you benefit from goods availability, rapid deliveries, and you can receive products from multiple suppliers to a single location.

Intermediate storage does not have a deadline, meaning that it can function as your warehouse for commercial products. Intermediate storage can be utilized in many ways.

1. Your products flow through us, and are stored as long as you need.

2. You yourself can refine your stored products on our premises, or handle them in any way you want.

We haven’t set any minimum time or volume thresholds for stored products. No matter if you’re looking to store one crate for one day, or 10.000 crates for a year, you’re welcome to do business with us. For us, the most important thing is that our customer receives service exactly when they need it. Oftentimes, even small actors requests intermediate storage for just a few crates, as they are part of something larger, and might be combined on our premises at some stage or stored until they are delivered according to customer requirements. The key benefit is that the customer doesn’t need to be on-site, or book a specific storage space, but rather we only bill according to use and time.

E-commerce logistics solutions

If you are setting up your e-commerce business, or you have a finished product or idea but lack a distribution channel, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a ready-made interface to almost all e-commerce platforms, or we can provide a complete e-commerce solution. We ensure that your products are stored and packaged in an organized and proper manner, and that they are delivered to customers on time.

You don’t need to worry about where and when to store your products. We handle all logistics and deliveries in a cost-effective manner in the background of your e-commerce site. You can freely focus on selling and developing your products.

If you’ve already set up your small-scale e-commerce business and you notice your home filling up with products, and spending too much time on packaging and delivery.

Outsourced logistics saves you time, and enables you to focus on your core business.

When you outsource e-commerce logistics to us, we start the process by going through how you want your products delivered, with what time commitments and in what type of packaging. What is the most important factor when your customer receives their product – are the visual or sustainable factors more important in packaging, or something completely different? We have already built a diverse network around our operations, meaning that your products find their way to their destination exactly when they should.

Video presentation of e-commerce logistics solutions

Customs-free storage / alcohol storage

For alcohol importers, we offer secure and lawful storage. With us, crates, pallets and cargo is kept in perfect condition, and excise duty issues are conveniently handled through us.

Our warehouse is a cost-effective solution for imported alcohol cargo. You can collect the required amount from storage, and declare according to this. Our professional personnel helps you in all alcohol storage related matters, and we will also handle tax issues on your behalf.

Our customs-free alcohol warehouse (+12° C) spans 500 m2 and it is perfectly suited for small-scale alcohol importers. With us you can store declared and undeclared shipments from both within and outside the EU. The goods can also be forwarded, either as taxed or tax-free.

Intermediate storage for vehicle and agricultural machinery import (PDI)

For decades, we have offered premises for importers of vehicles and agricultural machinery, both as storage field areas and fitting and service workshops. In collaboration with other businesses, we have designed various spaces to operate in. The abbreviation PDI stands for Pre Delivery Inspection, meaning the inspection work done either in connection with import or before delivery.

All vehicles or machines can be inspected in a centralized manner in a single location, which leads to uniform service. inspection and equipment level. Several importers can utilize the same service concept at the same location, which leads to increased cost-effectiveness.

We have created spaces for our customers according to their wishes. Under the same roof you’ll find inspection and fitting facilities, pant shops and wash lines. This eliminates the need to transport vehicles to secondary locations before delivery. Inspection, service processes and intermediate storage can be handled at a single location before the vehicles or agricultural machinery is shipped to customers.

We have an optimal set-up for vehicle storage. As vehicles arrive to the port of Turku, they are transported to our premises along a private road, which means they do not need to be transported on public roads. Vehicles and agricultural machinery is always transported to us on arrival, either by us or our partners. We of course make sure that operators have the required license.

Shipment receiving process


Order products/shipment and create a notice of arrival for us in Extranet


Set a date for unloading with us


The shipment arrives at Turku Free Zone Company


Unloading, checks, move to warehouse, shelving, storage

Each product/pallet is tagged with a unique pallet ID upon arrival. Product inventory can be monitored in real time in Extranet. You will be able to see e.g. when the product arrived or was delivered.

Shipment delivery process

Customer places an order

Your e-commerce customer places an order in your store, or you create a pickup order in Extranet.

After the order

Collection, packaging, delivery order


Products/shipment picked up from our premises (transport company, customer)


Delivery to end-customer / store / factory / construction site etc.


Electronic stock management

We utilize modern information systems in storage. With us, receiving of deliveries is problem-free, even if you are physically on the other side of the world. Through our Extranet service you are also able to monitor the inventory and delivery status in real-time, anywhere and at any time.

Why choose Turku Free Zone Company?

and facilities

We are located next to the port of Turku, the connection point of the most important freight routes of the Baltic Sea, and less than three hours away from 80 % of the entire Finnish population. The port is 5 minutes away, and the airport is a 15 minute drive.

Our storage area consists of vast warehouses and field storage areas, which are both fully customizeable to customer needs. We offer, among others, cooled and heated storage, which can be adjusted according to the requirements of your products.

Service and
happy customers

Our strengths are proactive problem solving, solid expertise and a positive attitude.

Customer centricity, operational development and genuine customer service are our focus areas. Year after year we receive very positive feedback from our customers. We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Leave it to us – we’ll handle it!

Systems and

In storage services, we utilize modern and easily integrated information systems.

With us order management is effortless, even if you are physically on the other side of the planet. With our free Extranet service you can also monitor stock and delivery flow in real time, when and where you want.

In essence, you can manage the entire storage process remotely, in transparent and efficient fashion.