Read about current events at Turku Free Zone Company and our neighborhood.

Another record year for Turku Free Zone Company

Turku Free Zone Company reached yet again record numbers for 2023, when the company’s revenue grew approximately 25 percent for the third year in a row.

In 60 years, Turku Vapaavarasto Oy has evolved from a warehouse for imported cars to a modern logistics center with extensive services

Turku Vapaavarasto Oy was founded in 1964, when a customs or free zone was needed in connection with the port of Turku to support import and export traffic passing through Turku.

500 containers of goods for the construction of a luxury cruiser are transported through Turku Free Zone Company

Hundreds of containers have already been transported through the Port of Turku to the Meyer shipyard, and more are on the way. Turku Free Zone Company plays an important role in Turku’s strong shipping industry. Article in swedish.

Through the Free Zone Company to the Caribbean

Turku Free Zone Company has been involved in large shipbuilding projects before as well. It has developed a new and even more comprehensive service model for the Royal Caribbean shipping company.

Ever-increasing demand for warehouse services

The Port of Turku’s subsidiary Turku Free Zone Company reached a record volume in 2022. The company’s turnover reached 3.5 million euros, where the growth compared to the previous year was as much as 25 percent. During the year, Turku Free Zone Company also completed four new storage halls, three of which were implemented as

Demand for storage services remains high

The services provided for the marine logistics of Port of Turku are complemented by modern storage and terminal services, which are suited both for long-term storage and fast-tempo distribution needs. The port company has over 800 000 square meters of field space in close proximity of the piers, and approximately 100 000 square meters of

Agile storage through digitalization

The traditional Turku Free Zone Company is a trustworthy and modern partner in storage and logistics chains. Through digitalization, its customers can manage the storage process or outsource the entire process.

High utilization in storage services

The Port of Turku serves all freight operators in a reliable and cost-effective way. The port’s services provided for the marine logistics are complemented by modern storage and terminal services, which are suited both for long-term storage and fast-tempo distribution needs

Productivity increase in storage with AbakusWMS storage management system

Turku Free Zone Company (Turun Vapaavarasto, TVV) offers storage, customs and goods handling services for various industries and companies, ranging from small importers and exporters to large-scale logistics outsourcing projects. TVV’s differentiatior is its flexible and customer centric 3PL service concept. The customer can pick up the required part of a shipment and declare only

Operations tailored for the customer

Turku Free Zone Company spans a 28-hectare area in the harbor district of Turku, next to the Ruissalo bridge. – The concept is basically that you can bring anything to us. Our area is not only warehouses, but there are also field storage available. The customer is able to store undeclared goods with us. As

Into new systems with our customers – Turku Free Zone Company invests in digitalization and energy efficiency

Turku Free Zone Company develops processes in storage management and overall operations. The new systems are planned from the get-go with customers’ needs and expectations in mind.

Growth from tiles

Turku Free Zone Company is rapidly growing into becoming a full-fledged logistics partner. A new contract with the ceramic tile manufacturer Pukkila is a big leap for the company.