Turku Free Zone Company – since 1964

Turku Free Zone Company history

Turku Free Zone Company was founded back in 1964 by the city of Turku and the Chamber of Commerce. Our operations started as a support station for port services. The port of Turku required a Customs or Free Zone Company to support the import and export activities flowing through Turku. At that time vehicle import was by far the largest segment, but storage spaces followed quickly with the rising need of piece goods storage.

Turku Free Zone Company today

Today we are a large and modern provider of storage logistics. New storage spaces are continuously being built according to customer needs, and inventory management systems are built on latest technology. Information flow is fully real-time and digital. We have built customer-facing interfaces and streamlined our collaboration with customers.

What does the future bring?

We evolve and grow with the needs and requests of our customers. We are continuously diversifying our services, and our goal is to never say no to any need or concept. Today we have versatile solutions ranging from simple intermediate storage to complex 3PL and e-commerce solutions. We hope that customers can in the future challenge us in connection with their own development, solidifying us as the most innovative storage logistics partner in Finland. Our strong corporation and group guarantees us a great environment for continuous growth and development.

Our values


We continuously develop our processes and systems. We put considerable effort into the development of our expertise, and we regularly maintain our knowledge through training.

We actively improve work processes and methods to develop our storage services and workflow, for the benefit of both the customer and ourselves.


We activle recycle and sort waste, and encourage our stakeholders to do the same.

We utilize eco-friendly energy sources – for heating and cooling we use geothermal, and we have solar panels installed on the roof of our warehouses.

Customer centricity

We listen to our customers, and we have developed a sense for identifying various needs. The interaction between us and our customers is very important to us. This way we can serve customers in the best way possible.

Proactive problem solving is our specialty.


We want to be a flexible partner, both for our clients and our employees.

It is important for us to display appreciation for each and everyone’s effort. All members of our personnel plays a vital role in our company.

Our vision

Our goal is to be the most innovative logistics partner in Finland.

We will reach this by active training and visible investments in both product development and our expert workforce.

Our mission

We solve customers’ storage and logistics needs in a flexible, reliable and secure way.

We offer our customers new and more productive processes and systems for storage and logistics.

Open positions

We offer great colleagues, excellent benefits and continuously developing work tasks.