Storage areas

Vast storage possibilities for goods and products

Storage areas

The most comprehensive storage services in town

Turku Free Zone Company has 280 000 m2 of storage space, spanning numerous different storage options. The warehouse ceiling height is 4–10 meters, and the spaces can easily be adjusted or fitted for specific needs. We always collaborate with customers in planning the best-suited solution for them.

Storage spaces can be further utilized by sectorization, shelving, or even interior decorating. Our spaces are used in versatile ways for storage needs, but they are also well-suited to serve as various workspaces, and mockup and showroom uses.

All our storage areas and spaces can be used for both short and long term storage, complemented by excellent storage services. Our premises are gated and guarded 24/7, so your goods and products are stored in their designated areas for as long as you need. Our storage area is designed in a way that supports effortless delivery and pickup.

Versatile storage options

Unheated storage

Unheated storage space is the most cost-effective when all you need is weather protection and good order for your goods. We are able to modify storage spaces according to needs of customers and their goods, from small to large, and from floor storage to shelves. Our warehouses feature suitable solutions for e.g. various construction materials and industrial components.

Heated storage

Our storage area has heated (+10–16° C) storage space spanning approx. 14 000 m2. Our warehouses with their high ceilings and clear structure enable easy storage of more demanding goods. Our storage spaces can be used both as temporary storage solutions and as a storage center for long-term projects.

In heated storage spaces we make sure to meet the temperature and humidity requirements of the products. Heated storage spaces are an excellent match for products and solutions where preparation and collection is frequent, and where working environment needs to be optimal.

Cooled storage

We have approximately 1000 m2 of cooled storage space (+6° C). The temperature in these warehouses is kept steady year-round, and the preservation of products is taken care of both technically and by our experts.

Our cooled storage spaces are a great fit for products which require steady refrigeration temperature, e.g. industrial products, components or packaged foodstuffs. From our vast and temperature-controlled storage spaces you will find a secure place for even your most sensitive products.

Field storage

Our field storage areas suit both small and large goods which do not set weather requirements at any time of year. Our field storage areas are used to store vehicles, boats and industrial materials, to name a few.

The total surface area of our field storages is approximately 23 hectares, so we are able to cater for larger needs as well. All our field storages are gated and guarded 24/7.

In addition to loading and unloading, we will assist you in numerous logistics issues. E.g. for importers of vehicles and agricultural machinery we offer spaces for PDI operations. Our premises also include a paintshop and an import service shop for tractors.

Customs-free storage / alcohol storage

Our customers include both large and small alcohol importers. Stored products include strong alcohols, wines and low-strength alcohol.

We are a Valvira and Customs approved storer, which means that alcohol can be securely according to laws and regulations with us. With us, crates, pallets and cargo is kept in perfect condition, and excise duty issues are conveniently handled through us.

With us you can store declared and undeclared shipments from both within and outside the EU. The goods can also be forwarded, either as taxed or tax-free.

Our warehouse is a cost-effective solution for imported alcohol cargo. You can collect the required amount from storage, and declare according to this. Our professional personnel assists you in any alcohol storage related matter, and we also handle EMCS and excise tax issues on your behalf.


Electronic stock management

We utilize modern information systems in storage. With us, receiving of deliveries is problem-free, even if you are physically on the other side of the world. Through our Extranet service you are also able to monitor the inventory and delivery status in real-time, anywhere and at any time.

Customs-free storage space

We can store both EU goods as well as customs-cleared or undeclared goods. Customs fees for undeclared goods are paid when they are declared and moved out of storage. This means that you can do a partial pickup and declare only the affected goods, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Why choose Turku Free Zone Company?

and facilities

We are located next to the port of Turku, the connection point of the most important freight routes of the Baltic Sea, and less than three hours away from 80 % of the entire Finnish population. The port is 5 minutes away, and the airport is a 15 minute drive.

Our storage area consists of vast warehouses and field storage areas, which are both fully customizeable to customer needs. We offer, among others, cooled and heated storage, which can be adjusted according to the requirements of your products.

Service and
happy customers

Our strengths are proactive problem solving, solid expertise and a positive attitude.

Customer centricity, operational development and genuine customer service are our focus areas. Year after year we receive very positive feedback from our customers. We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Leave it to us – we’ll handle it!

Systems and

In storage services, we utilize modern and easily integrated information systems.

With us order management is effortless, even if you are physically on the other side of the planet. With our free Extranet service you can also monitor stock and delivery flow in real time, when and where you want.

In essence, you can manage the entire storage process remotely, in transparent and efficient fashion.