Driver instructions

We want to make your arrival as smooth as possible. See our driver instructions and navigate our premises without effort.


Procedure after arrival:

  • Park your vehicle in the designated waiting area
  • Check in at the front office
  • At the office, we will inform the field personnel about your arrival
  • At the office, we will notify you about the unloading time, direct you to the correct location and if needed, provide you with a map
  • We make copies of the waybill and notes
  • We scan the waybills and save them in our systems
  • If required, we notify the customer of the arrival and send over the required documents

In the office you’ll find a watercooler, and we can also offer you coffee. If needed, you’ll also find pens and first aid equipment, and we also give drivers caps and hats if they want them.

We’re happy to answer any questions that might arise. So don’t hesitate to ask if you’re wondering about something.

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Frequently asked questions

The parking lot of Merimieskirkko, Rahtarikuja 2, 20210 Turku

Call us at +358 75 3267 999
mon – fri 7:30 – 16:15

In other cases you can spend the night at the parking lot of Merimieskirkko, Rahtarikuja 2, 20210 Turku.

We’ll note a reservation in the waybill, photograph the damages and inform the customer.

Map of the vicinity